Cocoapods-archive – new plugin for Cocoapods

Cocoapods-archive is the first pod plugin I’ve created with my friend @alexito4 in an hour of Remote Pair programing. We wanted to have a plugin which allow us to create a version and backup it up.

We have a Github repository which we don’t commit vendored code from CocoaPods, if you share the opinion that vendored code should stay out of source control perhaps this plugin can be useful. Probably you will also share that is important to backup all your code once the tag is created, so what the plugin does:

  1. Execute Pod install to ensure we have the right version of pods specified in the Podfile.

  2. It makes and push a tag with the version we want to create.

  3. It zips the directory for a backup.


For the next update I would like to improve the plugin in order to automatically upload the backup, it could be as an attachment of the tag created in Github or perhaps back it up on a S3.