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Cocoapods-archive – new plugin for Cocoapods

Cocoapods-archive is the first pod plugin I’ve created with my friend @alexito4 in an hour of Remote Pair programing. We wanted to have a plugin which allow us to create a version and backup it up. We have a Github repository which we don’t commit vendored code from CocoaPods, if you share the opinion that vendored code should stay out of source control perhaps… Read more →


Clean Code cheat sheet v2.4

In this mini-post I would like to share a helpful resource which I’ve found in planet geek, and I think it’s good to  keep it always close to you. It’s a cheat sheet which summarise everything you need to know to write clean code. Code Read more →


Telefonica NFC mWallet released in Spain

What a wonderful surprise! – Yesterday was released “Cartera NFC” (mobile wallet) in Spain! This project is one of the biggest projects I’ve worked with a lot of great developers at Telefonica R&D. I’m very happy to see that finally the app is available in Spain and we can enjoy it! For those who don’t know what this app does,… Read more →


Design Patterns in Swift

Design Patterns in Swift is a repository which gather the main design patterns implemented in Swift. It started a few months ago and I couldn’t resist to contribute with the visitor, composite and factory method patterns. Nowadays it’s almost completed and you can download the playground file to play with all the patterns inside, you will love the documentation mixed… Read more →


My thoughts and doubts about  Pay

  With that sentence is how Tim Cook opened the presentation of Apple Pay, one of the biggest announcement for me during the keynote. But is it really an entirely new payment process? – I have no doubts they have created a payment process, but is it entirely new like Tim Cook said? I have my doubts but I leave… Read more →


I’ve just found this company Remote Year which is promoting a travel with people who work remotely like me. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for those who want to live new experience and at the same time a great way to create a community of Remote Workers!



After a few months waiting, MetaWear is finally here! This is the first time I’ve been a backer in Kickstarter and I have to say the experience has been fantastic, I have to congratule to the team, MbientLab, for the great job they’ve done! Probably if you’ve never heard about MetaWear you may be wondering what the hell MetaWear is. MetaWear, as you… Read more →