SwiftyMavlink is a port of the Mavlink in Swift.

Mavlink is a lightweight communication protocol extensively used in drones and flight controllers such as Pixhawk, APM or Parrot AR.Drone



CocoaPods Plugin: cocoapods-archive

cocoapods-archive is a CocoaPods plugin which archive your project. First the plugin executes a pod install to keep your pods up to date, once pod install is finished, the plugin creates a tag with the version specified and it will push the tag to the origin.

After that, a Zip file is created with all the files of the project. Including Pods directory for a backup in case the directory doesn’t belong to the repository.

PostCocoapods-archive – new plugin for Cocoapods



iOSGen : Clean iOS Architecture Generator

iOSGen is a Ruby gem generator for iOS code, similar as Rails generators.

Github :

RubyGems :



FJBMenuViewController is an open source project in development for iOS 6+, after months of  testing, soon the library will reach the version 1.0, its first milestone to use the code in production.

The propuse of FJBMenuViewController is to be open library which make easy to integrate either a left or right menu. It has been designed to be easily extended to add new animations, only conforming the protocol FJBViewControllerAnimationProtocol you can add the animation you need.

With the similar libraries I’ve worked before, I always miss a decouple way to tweak the behaviour of the menu, so I made another protocol FJBMenuViewConfigurationProtocol which you can use to customise params like the gesture recogniser, etc.

As soon as FJBMenuViewController reach a milestone, I will write an extensive documentation of every detail to use the library correctly. You can find the repository in Github, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.




I had the need to provide cool animations with blurring, I’ve studied many options but none of them convinced me at all, I saw the performance of every option and the best option with suit my needs was based on GPUImage. So I’ve created a wrapper around GPUImage to make the animation easy.

Inside the library you can find a UIView category which contains a @property of FJBBlurView, if you want to animate a view is as simple as calling blurAnimated:withDuration: